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Rainbow Butterfly and the Magical Encore

Greg Mack

The rainbow butterflies was enjoying the Blue Flower Moon celebration that the rainbow butterflies was putting on in the butterfly garden.

The three part show had just ended and Erinydeed, the master of ceremonies, had just announced a magical encore show was about to begin.

Dandyabbi, the sibling's rainbow butterfly cousin, joined them back on the bush. She was surprised to see Fortuda and Daveeder sitting in the group. "I didn't know you knew my cousins," she asked them.

Rainbow Butterfly and the Final Act

Greg Mack

Fortuda, the rainbow butterfly, has just finished her show under the Blue Flower Moon and joined the butterfly siblings back at the butterfly bush. She was followed by Daveeder the Painted Lady butterfly.

"Bisdyabbi, Alanabbi, Justinabbi, and Asdabbi," she called to attention. "This is my friend, Daveeder, another rainbow butterfly."

Asdabbi looked at the other butterfly, "That's not a rainbow butterfly, Daveeder is a Painted Lady butterfly...what?" As Asdabbi said these words, Daveeder became a Monarch butterfly and then slowly became a rainbow butterfly.

Rainbow Butterfly Fortuda's Magic Show

Greg Mack

The rainbow butterfly, Fortuda, took her place in the moonlight backdrop. The Swallowtail drummers raised the vibration of the mood to let everyone know the next act of the Blue Flower Moon Celebration was about to begin.

The audience grew quiet as Fortuda began to introduce herself. "My name is Fortuda the Magical Rainbow Butterfly. My trusty rainbow butterfly backpack and I can do things that will amaze you and even some things that might scare you a little. OK, I am joking. There will be nothing too scary, I promise." 

Rainbow Butterfly Performance Begins

Greg Mack

The Swallowtail butterflies brought the energy to the atmosphere. And through their hypnotic drumming, helped to put the audience in the right mood for tonight's occasion.

Tonight's rainbow butterfly performance was being enhanced by the Blue Flower Moon in the background. A rare full moon occurence.

First in the moonlight, one rainbow butterfly flew into the moon's backdrop. The butterfly was dancing to the drum beat while slowing floating up the backdrop. 

Rainbow Butterfly and the Blue Flower Moon

Greg Mack

The rainbow butterflies had found their cozy spot on the butterfly bush with the best view of the tree the Dandyabbi pointed at before she ran off to mee the others.

Rainbow butterflies love to entertain other people. They make life more fun and enjoyable for everyone they meet. Tonight was a special night.

It was a full moon. Every full moon the rainbow butterflies put on a different show as a treat for everyone at the butterfly garden. Sometime even humans are lucky enough to see the show. That is if they stay up late enough.