A Rainbow Butterfly Life

Greg Mack

It's your social rainbow butterfly, Asdabbi. Today I am going to tell you a quick story about me, the rainbow butterfly, and a new friend that I met that was feeling down.

She was sitting under a shade tree with the most disappointed and confused face I Asdabbi-Rainbow-Butterflyhad ever seen. I was still getting the hang of my new wings so my landing wasn't as graceful as you would have expected for a rainbow butterfly.

Matter of fact, I was trying to land on her shoulder, but what ended up happening was a little more embarrassing. I came in for the landing just as the spring wind picked up a little and I ended up hitting her in the ear and then rolling down the front of her shirt.

"Are you ok, little butterfly," was the first words that came out of her mouth. She reached down and let me crawl on to her finger. She lifted me up and looked me straight into the eyes. "I hope you didn't hurt yourself. That would just be terrible."

I looked back into her eyes and said in my rainbow butterfly voice, "I am still so new at this flying thing, I am glad I didn't hit you in the eye." Her eyes were so big compared to my little self.

"I don't think you are that bad at flying. I think the gust of wind pushed you. You kind of tickled me when you hit my ear."

We both just looked at each other. I was thinking, "did she understand what I said? Did she actually hear my little rainbow butterfly voice?"

"Did we just talk to each other," she asked? Her face now had the expression of shock just like mine.  

"You can hear me," I asked?

"You understand me," she asked at the same time?

We both even answered, "yes" at the same time. I wasn't sure if it was impossible for us to talk to each other at first, but after her reaction, I guessed this moment in time between us was not a normal occurrence. 

I stood there on her finger and gracefully moved my wings up and down. "HI, my name is Asdabbi and I am a rainbow butterfly... Well, I am now a rainbow butterfly... for about twelve hours now." I gave her my best rainbow butterfly smile. Butterflies stick their proboscis out when they smile.

If you see one with his or her proboscis curled up and looking at you, then they are not smiling. If you see one rolling and unrolling his or her proboscis real slowly, then they are not sure if you are a friend or enemy. We know that humans don't smile with their tongue sticking out, but it is more respectful to a butterfly if you do when you first meet.

"Nice to meet you, Asdabbi. My name is Sam. This is just amazing or maybe I am dreaming," she said with the biggest look of excitement gushing from her face.

"I know that I am not dreaming," I said to her. "So you are probably not dreaming either." We both shared a quick laugh. 

"Your a rainbow butterfly? A rainbow butterfly that can talk?" Sam pinched herself to make sure she wasn't dreaming. "Does you name mean anything," she asked?

"Asdabbi means 'Making Life More Fun and Enjoyable.' It's what rainbow butterflies do. They make life more fun and enjoyable. Admit it, when you see any butterfly it makes you smile, right?" 

I looked her in the eye, literally... one eye because it is so big, and said, "I seen you from those flowers over there and you didn't look very happy. I wanted to come over here and make you feel better.

Meeting you has made me feel better too. See, I have only been a butterfly for a short time. I practically just took a long nap and woke up with wings about twelve hours ago."

"Anyway, I flew over here intending to land on your shoulder so I could make you smile. Then the breeze flung me into your ear as I made my landing approach. I am so touched that the first thing you did was ask if I was OK. You are a good person with great empathy."

"Well, it looked like you took a nasty tumble down my shirt before you hit the ground. At my size, a fall from that comparable height would have broken my bones," Sam said. "I didn't realize you could understand me when I spoke."

"Today has been a very hard day for me. I turn ten next week and my parents say things change when you become ten. They want me to do more chores now, but that's not the problem. 

"The problem is now all of the things I will have to do by myself now that I am ten. See, when your ten then you have to stop acting like a kid all the time. When your ten, you are expected to understand right from wrong enough to always do the right thing. I mean.. like a ten year old can't make a mistake?" She gasped for air and then exhaled very slowly.

"Wow, ten years old. I can hope to make it that long in life," I said trying to cheer her up. "It sounds to me that you don't think you are good enough to be ten years old. I just met you and I already know that is not true. You are good enough to be you, no matter what age you get to."

She smiled at me without sticking her tongue out and at first I thought she might be mad. Then, I remembered that humans don't stick their tongues out when they smile.

"Thank you, Asdabbi the talking rainbow butterfly," she said in only a voice as sweet as a the song of the daffodils'. "What is it like to have wings? I bet it is great knowing you can fly anywhere you want to."

"Would you like to try out some rainbow butterfly wings," I asked. 

"Would I? What kind of question is that," she asked in shock. "But, it's impossible for me to have wings," her voice turned to disappointment.

"I am a rainbow butterfly. I make life more fun and enjoyable. Maybe I can give you wings that can actually fly, but only if you are sure you are good enough to be ten next week. What do you say?

 I went on, "It might be hard to be ten at first, but I am sure a person with the determination like you will be a even better at being ten way before they are eleven. Don't you know." You could tell by my voice that I meant it.

"I know I will be good at being ten by the time I turn eleven. That will be easy to do," she said with confidence. "You can really give me wings so I can fly?

"I can give you wings for nine minutes since you are nine years old. I will have to turn you into a butterfly so you can fly. What color of butterfly would you like to be,"I asked Sam.

"I want to be a blue butterfly. Blue is my favorite color." Sam was getting more and more excited. "But, only nine minutes?"

"Don't worry, time seems a lot longer when you are the size of a butterfly." I started to flutter my wings in a alternating rhythmic pattern called the Happy Rainbow Wave. Slowly Sam changed from a little girl into a rather large size blue butterfly.

Rainbow-Butterfly-BlueSam was a natural. She started flapping her wings and found lift off before I could say anything. Soon she was hovering next to me in the air excited like a happy puppy becomes when you come back into the room after leaving for a short time.

She must have been truly confident or the magic would not have worked. We flew around together down to the flowers, up past the tree line, and to a fro for eight minutes. After eight minutes, I warned her that the magic would wear off soon and that we needed to fly closer to the ground.

We slowly hovered down towards the ground. We landed on some grass just in time for her to pop back into a confident little girl lying in the grass. 

"OH, that was SO MUCH FUN!!" I wish I could do that again," Sam was already standing up and dancing in a circle.

"It was fun," I agreed with happiness. "I can't turn you into a butterfly again, but I can give you a blue butterfly wing costume to wear whenever you want to." I pulled out a pair of blue butterfly wings from my rainbow butterfly backpack and laid them on the ground. They soon expanded to Sam's size.

I told Sam goodbye as the sun started to set. She ran home wearing her new blue butterfly wings and ready to be a great ten year old. I flew off towards the sunset so I could make the light last as long as possible on that great day.

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