A Rainbow Butterfly Story

Greg Mack

Asdabbi the Rainbow Butterfly is still learning what it means to be a rainbow butterfly. Asdabbi is sure his purpose in life was to make life more fun and enjoyable for everyone he ever meets. Heck, helping others have fun is fun in it's self.

Yesterday, he met Sam. A little girl that was worried about the future. He found inRainbow_Butterfly_Asdabbi_2 her true empathy for others and rewarded her kindness with a special magic he didn't know how to truly use, but read about. He knew that as long as he believed in himself and Sam believed in herself, then he would be able to make her into a butterfly for a short moment that day and give her a memory she will never forget.

Today, Asdabbi found himself in a wonderful neighborhood.  Each of the houses have beautiful flower gardens filled with great tasting flowers. The sun is warm and bright and the dew still on the flowers makes the nectar even easier to slurp.

The rainbow butterfly was resting and soaking up some sun on a well trimmed evergreen bush. He opened his rainbow butterfly backpack and dug out a small paper magazine called, "The Butterfly Migration Cycle" or the BMC.

Asdabbi's rainbow butterfly backpack was filled with all marvelous things, yet it was always light. All he had to do was just think about what he wanted and he would find it in the backpack. 

When Asdabbi first awoke as a rainbow butterfly, the first thing he saw was the backpack. It was empty when he first looked inside. He then discovered his wings and wondered what they were for and how they even got there.

As soon as he wondered, the backpack became a little bit heavier. He opened the backpack up to find a book called, "Becoming a Magical Rainbow Butterfly, for beginners."

Inside the book he learned so much about how great it was to be a rainbow butterfly. There was even a information video about the basics of flying, sunning, what to eat, and the common gestures of other animals on the second page. This is where Asdabbi learned that humans don't stick their tongues out when smiling like butterflies do.

The book is a great guide that Asdabbi studies and refers to when he has questions about what to do next. The magazine he now was reading was referred to him by the book and had become a wonderful travel companion for the rainbow butterfly.

The magazine is based on the migration cycle of all the different butterflies in the world. In the magazine you can even find out about great places to visit along the route.

You will find reviews about the best flower gardens along the route and about the different flowers you will encounter at each of the regions you will cross through while on the migration cycle.

If you really want to make sure you will stop and smell the flowers while migrating, then this magazine is a must have. Today, Asdabbi was trying to figure out where he wanted to go and check out next. The BMC magazine had been spot on about this neighborhood being five stars.

The next area was a few miles away. It is a butterfly sanctuary the humans call a shearless prairie. The area is covered in milkweed, butterfly bushes, fountain butterfly bushes, hollyhocks, thistles, and a wide range of seasonal flowers. It's a place, according to the BMC magazine, that all butterflies should visit and by the pictures, it looks like all of them do.

That is exactly where Asdabbi was headed. He was hoping to see some other rainbow butterflies and find out if any of his brothers and sisters had made it through the attack of the birds when they were younger. He could already smell the milk thistle in the air as he got closer.

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