Asdabbi Rainbow Butterfly

Greg Mack

Hello, My name is Asdabbi and I am a Rainbow Butterfly. I wasn't always a butterfly. It took a long time for me to mature enough to become the beautiful rainbow butterfly you see today.

It seems like a very long time ago, but I can remember the life I used to live. I was Rainbow_Butterflyalways worried about being eaten or stepped on as I slowly inched my way across yards, from bush to bush, and tree to tree just to find enough to eat.

I was always hungry, always scared, and not sure if the hassle of worrying that much in life was even worth the strife... yet, I made it and now I am very happy that I did. It may have been luck or even a guardian angel that helped me make it this far. It had to be because I was wasn't that sure in my abilities to protect myself when I was younger.

It had to be luck or some other-worldly help that showed up at just the right time. I witnessed it happening the entire time now that I use hindsight to look back on those times.

Let me take you back to a time when I was a young caterpillar. The first time I can remember was during the spring. I had just met my brothers and sisters. All any of us talked about was food. We were learning what plants tasted the best, which was the driest, and which quench our thirst the best.  

All of us rainbow butterfly caterpillars were having a great time and slowly we started making our way down the bush and into the yard. Once it become dark, we all settled in to cozy places. We were drawn to a new feeling called sleep that took us in with persistence until we all gave up and passed out.

The next day brought my first taste of terror. The next morning I woke up to the sounds of birds and screaming butterfly caterpillars. This may seem graphic to you, but I was living it, not just picturing it in my mind like you are right now.

The birds were everywhere. They were pecking everywhere. The birds were clawing up everything. It was the scariest day of my life... my early life. Brothers and sisters I had just met were gone. Disappearing into the beaks of those birds faster than anything I had ever seen.

I felt bad later for not trying to help anyone, but I was just froze in terror. I couldn't move. I was lying on the ground half covered by a leaf and too petrified to move. Now that I look back on this day I can't help to think how lucky I was to not be able to move and attract the attention of the flock of death.

The sun disappeared fourteen times during my life before I awoke one day as a rainbow butterfly. During that time I survived the bird attack, many floods from rain and showers, and ate everything I could until one day it felt like I couldn't go any further. 

I felt like I was going to sleep forever, so I made a protective little house to protect me from any of the scary worldly things that threatened my life every day. 

It was a cozy house, a strong protective house, and a very well hidden house that let me safely sleep for what I guess to be a long time... I didn't set a clock or even care what day it was when I went to sleep that time. So, how long was I asleep? I will never know.

What I do know is that I did wake up eventually and when I woke up, everything was different. I no longer had to scuttle on the ground to close to things. No, now I had wings. I wasn't sure what they were for at first, but eventually I figured it out.

Things were very different and this added just a little more excitement, a sense of mystery, that could make life more fun and enjoyable. That's when I found out how great it would be as a rainbow butterfly.

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