Rainbow Butterfly and the Blue Flower Moon

Greg Mack

The rainbow butterflies had found their cozy spot on the butterfly bush with the best view of the tree Dandyabbi pointed out before she ran off to meet the others.Rainbow Butterfly Blue Flower

Rainbow butterflies love to entertain other people. They make life more fun and enjoyable for everyone they meet. Tonight was a special night.

It was a full moon. Every full moon the rainbow butterflies put on a different show as a treat for everyone at the butterfly garden. Sometime even humans are lucky enough to see the show. That is... if they stay up late enough. 

Yet, tonight was even more special than that. This full moon was a Blue Flower Moon. This moon is a very rare occurrence and tonight the rainbow butterflies had something special planned.

All the Swallowtails butterflies sat down and the atmosphere became still and quiet. Each of them retrieved a bongo drum and began to play a soft beat. Slowly the crowd began to dance in his or her seats.

The bongos became increasingly louder as they drummed out the hypnotic beat until the only thing you could hear was they rhythm. That is exactly what it felt like. You didn't hear the drums themselves, instead you heard the rhythm and it danced in your head.

It danced in your head so well that it caused your booty to shake your legs into dancing. Then all of you was dancing from the inside out. Those Swallowtails were masters at their bongo skills.

Everyone started clapping when the rainbow butterflies started to make grand entrances. The audience quieted down as the drums began to beat slower and softer and the rainbow butterfly in the center began to introduce tonight's show.

"Hello everyone," said the rainbow butterfly in the middle of the performers. "You already know me, I am Erinydeed. The master of ceremonies at these events. Tonight we have a very special encore for you, so make sure you remind us to do it after the show, ok?" The audience began to clap with excitement and joy.

"You bet we will," yelled someone in the audience. "We won't let you forget," yelled someone else. "We love you, thank you," yelled a group from somewhere in the crowd.  

Erinydeed continued, "Oh, I am sure that you won't," and she giggled in her famous catchphrase, "So...Much...Fun!!"

"Tonight is a special night because it doesn't happen very often. Tonight the moon is putting on a show of his own tonight. The man in the moon is performing the Dance of the Blue Flower Moon. 

We rainbow butterflies hope to put on a show that compliments the show the Moon is performing tonight. We wouldn't be able to do this show tonight without the help of the full moon and the magic in our rainbow butterfly backpacks."

The drumbeat in the background slightly sped up the rhythm of the atmosphere. The moon was huge in the background. It was shining a blue tint on everything in sight and it was bright enough to make out the colors of each of the butterflies sitting beside you.

"I can see you all checking out that moon behind us. It is a spectacular performance, isn't it. Alright, let's turn up the drums a little." Erinydeed raised the three of her hands on her right side up a little.

The drumming Swallowtail butterflies picked up the beat a little.

She raised her hands a little more and giggled, "So...Much...Fun! Let's make life more fun and enjoyable. The drumming became casually up beat and all of the rainbow butterflies each flew off in different directions out of sight.  

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