Rainbow Butterfly and the Cotton Candy Nectar

Greg Mack

A rainbow butterfly has the power to make life more fun and enjoyable. You cannot help but smile when you see one. Imagine ifRainbow_Butterfly_Cotton_Candy you had the chance to talk with one like Sam did in one of the previous adventures.

At this time, the small group of rainbow butterflies had finally made it to the bluegrass fields of Kentucky, collected leaves to make cups, and collected the nectar from the four different flowers that grew in the field.

They were all on the stump sunning and waiting for Bisdyabbi, the girl rainbow butterfly, to tell them how to mix the nectars to make the magical cotton candy flavor.

"Ok," started Bisdyabbi, "We need a bowl." As she said this her rainbow butterfly backpack fell open revealing a bowl big enough to hold all of the nectars. "I love my backpack. It always has what I need."

They poured each of the nectars into the bowl at the same time. The different color of each of the nectars began to swirl and mix into a circular rainbow. It was a very pretty sight.

They all stuck their proboscis, butterfly tongue, into the mixture expecting the most pleasant flavor they could imagine. They expected it, but it didn't happen. 

The flavor was not pleasant at all. It tasted gross. It tasted like barf. They all spit out their taste test and made the ugliest rainbow butterfly faces anyone has ever seen.

"That cannot be right," gasped Alanabbi. "There must be something missing or we forgot to do something. I hope that is not what cotton candy taste like." He opened his Butterfly Migration Cycle (BMC) magazine up to page 25.

"You must be right," said Bisdyabbi. The picture in my BMC has a bowl with baby blue and dark pink swirls in it, not a rainbow swirl."

They each opened their copy of the BMC to page 25. My doesn't say anything new about how to mix it," said Asdabbi.

To Justinabbi's surprise, his copy of the BMC now had a blue side column where there wasn't one the last time he looked. "It says that we have to stir the mixture very fast until the rainbow turns into a mixture of baby blue and dark pink circles."

Justinabbi opened his rainbow butterfly backpack and pulled out a large wooden spoon. "This is what I need. Thank you, helpful backpack."

Justinabbi began to stir the mixture as fast as he could. As he stirred for a little while longer, the mixture began to change color right before their eyes. The mixture even began to smell sweeter and it was starting to look more like the picture.

Justinabbi stop stirring the mixture and everyone watched as the baby blue and dark pink swirls stopped moving and formed a halo like image.

They all looked at each other with excitement and dipped their rainbow butterfly tongues into the bowl. This time it was the most pleasant taste they each had ever had. This taste test made them smile and they could feel their energy becoming better and better.

"I Love This Stuff!!," yelled Alanabbi. "This is better than I imagined. Cotton candy is the best." He stuck his tongue back in the bowl for another slurp.

Eventually the bowl was empty and Bisdyabbi gave the bowl one more slurp to try to get the last bit from the bottom of the bowl. "Wow, I am amazed by how good that taste," she said.

"That was definitely worth the effort," said Asdabbi while he rubbed his belly. "Maybe we should mix up a little more and put it in bottles to take with us to the next butterfly sanctuary."

"That sounds like a great plan," said Alanabbi. I bet we will even find bottles in our rainbow butterfly backpacks. He reached into his backpack and pulled out a small bottle. "See, I knew our backpacks would give us what we need."

With the help of their new found energy, they gathered the ingredients once more, mixed them correctly and divided it up between the four bottles. 

"This makes life so much more fun and enjoyable," chanted Bisdyabbi. I cannot wait to see what treasures lie ahead at the next butterfly sanctuary." 

They opened their copies of the BMC magazine and started to compare notes about the Adrinna Woods Butterfly Sanctuary in Tennessee. All of their favorite flavors of nectar to slurp were to be found at the next scenic spot. 

The rainbow butterflies all took off and they were headed in the right direction to make life more fun and enjoyable.

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