Rainbow Butterfly and the Final Act

Greg Mack

Fortuda, the rainbow butterfly, has just finished her show under the Blue Flower Moon and joined the butterfly siblings back at the butterfly bush. She was followed by Daveeder, the Painted Lady butterfly.Rainbow-Butterfly-Final

"Bisdyabbi, Alanabbi, Justinabbi, and Asdabbi," she called to attention. "This is my friend, Daveeder, another rainbow butterfly."

Asdabbi looked at the other butterfly, "That's not a rainbow butterfly, Daveeder is a Painted Lady butterfly...what?" As Asdabbi said these words, Daveeder became a Monarch butterfly and then slowly became a rainbow butterfly.

"Wow," all the rainbow butterfly siblings said at the same time. Bisdyabbi continued the shocking conversation, "how did you change your look like that?"

"It's my special talent," answered Daveeder. "I can change my colors to any color I want just by thinking about it. I have the ability to camouflage with my surroundings, disguise myself as any butterfly, and even look like butterflies that don't even exist."

"You were picked out of the audience to be in the show. You know Fortuda," Alanabbi asked?

 Fortuda responded for Daveeder, "He is a part of my show. The other four butterflies chosen during the show are completely random, but Daveeder is always in the show."

"Before the show we look out across the audience to see all the different types of butterflies that are present. Then we choose one of the types not present in the audience."

"Then we make up a funny story line to follow, Daveeder becomes that type of butterfly, and takes his place in the crowd. I can do the show any way I want to because I cannot hurt Daveeder's feelings because he knows it is all for show."

"We make a great team," said Daveeder.

"Yes, we do," said Fortuda as she gave him a big hug. Daveeder camouflaged his color with the night sky until all you could see was his eyes floating over Fortuda's shoulder.

"Can you tell us how the trick works," asked Alanabbi. He always had a thirst for knowledge.

"The trick is easy. We found out how to do it from our handbooks in the rainbow butterfly backpacks," said Fortuda as they quit hugging. "The pen really is a normal ink pen. It's not the magic part. The ink we put in the pen is the magic."

"I met Fortuda in the Shearless Prairie. We both were looking for the nectars needed to make the magical ink," explained Daveeder. "Her 'rainbow butterfly for beginners handbook' listed all the nectars needed just like mine, but hers explained how to mix them. Still, mine had a picture of the completed mixture, where hers did not. We had to become a team to make the magical ink."

"Our Butterfly Migration Cycle (BMC) magazines do the same thing. They don't give one butterfly all of the information. All the different copies compliment one another," said Justinabbi. "Teamwork has made us a very clever group."

Just then the Swallowtail drummers picked up the beat, signaling it was time for the next act. The audience became quiet as twelve rainbow butterflies came into view in front of the Blue Flower Moon backdrop.

One of them walked out closer to the audience and announced that this act was going to be the final act for the night. The audience clapped and cheered building the excitement in the air.

The bongo drums began a new hypnotic beat. This beat made you feel like you were floating. The Blue Flower Moon was completely full and the night sky looked like day with a light blue hue.

All twelve of the rainbow butterflies were hovering in a line in the air above the stage. They began marching towards the audience in an arch pattern forming a rainbow. 

Then, suddenly they all were riding bicycles with baskets on the handlebars. In these baskets were their rainbow butterfly backpacks. 

They turned the bikes away from the audience in a very dramatic gesture, and started riding the bikes straight up into the air along an invisible wall.

They turned the bikes back down and picked up a lot of speed as they came flying back down towards the stage area. The drummers were drumming a very fast beat that was building the atmospheric excitement to an expected climax.

The twelve cyclist drove into an imaginary ball and started driving the walls as fast as they could. All twelve were almost nothing but a blur of movement inside the ball spinning and driving around each other. It looked a lot like the movement you would expect to see in an atom.

The drummers went to a beat the repeated, "Thump,thump,thump..pause,pause...thump,thump,thump..."

The rainbow butterfly performers, without bicycles, shot out in a barrel roll from the top of the imaginary ball like a roman candle firework. They formed a rainbow of butterflies as they came to a halt in mid-air.

The drummers change to mood to a show finale rhythm as each of the rainbow butterflies bowed to the audience. "Thank you, Thank you," they all said.

As the drumming became more gentle and the butterflies started to exit the stage, the crowd roared out with, "Encore...Encore...Encore!"

That's right, Erinydeed the MC rainbow butterfly, had promised there would be an encore act if everyone in the audience asked for it. She walked out on stage and said, "You asked for it, so here is tonight's encore show. It's called the illuminating Magical Rainbow Flight Dance!!"

The entire audience, and Erinydeed herself, cheered and clapped in anticipation for the final show for the night under the Blue Flower Moon. It was going to make life more fun and enjoyable.

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