Rainbow Butterfly and the Full Moon Night

Greg Mack

The rainbow butterflies didn't sleep for very long. The moon was super bright and was so big it looked like it might hit the Earth. It wasrainbow-butterfly-full-moon bright enough that the rainbow butterflies could see each other.

"Have you ever seen the moon so big," Bisdyabbi asked her brothers. "It looks like early morning out there past this tree. Who is up for some night flying?"

None of them had ever flown at night. They had always travelled in the sunlight because it seemed safer. But tonight was the perfect night to try out night flying.

They all flew out from inside the tree branches and hovered around the top of the tree. Above them they could feel a wind current that was headed in the same direction they wanted to go. 

"We need to travel to the middle of Tennessee to get to the butterfly gardens." Asdabbi was reading from the Butterfly Migration Cycle (BMC) magazine. "The BMC says if we fly there from the State line it will takes us two days to get there."

"Then it says if we can catch a breeze headed south, we can cut the trip down to one day. This way is only recommended for butterflies that are very good at flying because of the top speeds one my reach while riding the breeze."

"I love riding a breeze!" When Justinabbi said this he dragged out the word love to show how much he meant it. "It's the most relaxing way to travel, I think. It isn't anything to be scared of. You don't even need to flap your butterfly wings."

"Sure, you can get going pretty fast, but all you do in aim down and eventually you will find yourself back under the wind current, like we are now."

"Wow, Justinabbi, I couldn't have explained that any better myself." Alanabbi patted his brother on the back with two of his hands. "Justinabbi and I have done this before. Have you two ever rode the breeze?"

"No," both Asdabbi and Bisdyabbi said at the same time. 

"Well, then let's do a little practicing before completely commit to riding the breeze." Alandabbi looked excited to teach his brother and sister how to ride the wind. It really is the easiest way to travel once you get used to it.

"How did you learn to do this, Alanabbi," Asdabbi was curious? 

"It was the next morning after the birds attacked. Your brother and I met an old monarch butterfly named Phillidon von Breinstien. He went by Phil," Alanabbi explained. 

He showed us how to catch a breeze to get where we wanted to go easier than flapping our butterfly wings all the time. He said it's the only way elder butterflies travel.

"I tried it before listening to any instructions about how to do it. I flew straight up into the wind current. It flung me out the bottom just like that flower did when it sprung back in Kentucky." It was easy to tell that this was one of Justinabbi's favorite stories through his tone.

"Ya, he came shooting out of breeze faster than he flew into it," Alanabbi joined the conversation. "When he hit the ground it looked painful. I wasn't sure if anyone could live through punching the ground that hard. I flew over to make sure he was ok. Phil just started laughing."

Justinabbi slowly got himself up and Phil said, "Got it figured out now, don't ya, little rainbow butterfly?"

"I think so, Phil. You have to merge into the wind to ride it. You can't just go rushing up through it?" Justinabbi answered like he was asking a question.

"That's right," said Phil. "Now let's begin the lessons."

"So," Alanabbi looked at Asdaabi and Bisdyabbi as he started to speak, "Justinabbi and I will teach you the same way Phil taught us. Don't worry, it is easy to learn and in no time you will be good at it.

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