Rainbow Butterfly and the Magical Encore

Greg Mack

The rainbow butterflies was enjoying the Blue Flower Moon celebration that the rainbow butterflies was putting on in the butterfly Rainbow-butterfly-finalgarden.

The three part show had just ended and Erinydeed, the master of ceremonies, had just announced a magical encore show was about to begin.

Dandyabbi, the sibling's cousin, joined them back on the bush. She was surprised to see Fortuda and Daveeder sitting in the group. "I didn't know you knew my cousins," she asked them.

They took a minute or two to discover how everyone knew each other. The drumming began to get a little louder. Then the beat picked up signaling the start of the next part of the show.

Two rainbow butterflies walked towards each other from opposite ends of the stage. They were carrying two wands each. They stopped halfway from each other and pointed the wands into the sky.

The one standing on the left shot a colored ball of pollen into the air. At the same time the other one shot a different colored ball of pollen into the air. The balls arched up over the two and when they collided, they burst into a giant explosion of color. 

When the pollen was carried away by the breeze it revealed a rainbow butterfly spinning upright with its wings wrapped around it like in a cocoon. Then they fired two more shots.

This time when the pollen dissipated there was another rainbow butterfly doing the exact same thing above the last one. This happened three more times.

There were five spinning butterflies in a row floating in the full moon backdrop. The two rainbow butterflies holding the pollen flares aimed both of the wands up and held them over their heads.

They started to sway back and forth as the colors of the rainbow sparkled out the top of the wands like a glitter flare. The colors flowed and floated across the stage and up under the ones floating in the air.

The butterflies floating the air slowly started to stop spinning. Then, the bottom one gently unwrapped its wings, followed by the next one up, and so on until all of them were floating in mid-air with their rainbow wings extended.

The drums raised the vibration in the air to excitement as one of the magic wands on the left shot a rainbow colored pollen ball into the air. 

The ball flew into the air all the way up in front of the butterfly hoving at the top of the column. It exploded into a cloud of rainbow colored pollen and when it dissipated, as it slowly disappeared, the rainbow butterfly wings behind it was twinkling in white lights that look like the stars. 

Everyone in the crowd gasped at the beautiful sight in the night sky. 

Then, one of the wands on the right side shot a rainbow colored pollen ball into the sky over the second hovering rainbow butterfly. When the pollen cleared it revealed this butterfly had red twinkling lights in its wings.

This happen three more times and the bottom rainbow butterfly wings twinkled in a rainbow of colors. A mixture of all of the colors from the other butterflies.

The illuminated rainbow butterflies dove backwards like synchronized swimmers and began to create different patterns like moving circles and other shapes as they swam across the night sky. 

They flew up to imaginary platforms and performed complicated swan dives, or skied down and performed complicated back and front flips like snowboarders.

The butterflies appeared as streaks of light dancing in the sky. When they were not streaking by then they were doing fun belly dances in front of the audience.

The drumming of the drums and the colors in the butterfly wings and they way they moved was very hypnotic for everyone there.

The drumming began to slow down and two shots of pollen was fired into the air. The illuminated butterflies slowly took their places back in a column over the stage.

As they took their positions over the stage, they turned off the lights of their butterfly wings, wrapped their wings back around them, and began spinning. 

They spun slowly at first but gradually picked up in speed. Then four balls of colored pollen shot into the air. The balls of pollen exploded when they collided.

When the cloud of pollen settled all of the rainbow butterflies were gone from the stage. Even the drumming suddenly stopped for a second or two and then slowly brought back the relaxing atmosphere with the soft beat of a mother's heart.

The entire crowd clapped and cheered. This outburst was the loudest of the night. They couldn't believe they saw butterfly wings that light up. They all wanted their own. To bad they didn't know they could get their own by following this link to illuminating rainbow butterfly wings or this link to get light up butterfly wings for their kids.

The rainbow butterfly siblings and friends reached into their rainbow butterfly backpacks and pulled out their own set of butterfly wing lights. Tonight's show really did make life more fun and enjoyable.

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