Rainbow Butterfly and the Sad Girl from the Edge of Kentucky

Greg Mack

Bisdyabbi, the girl rainbow butterfly, found the little sad girl rocking in a tree swing right before they all made it to Rainbow_Butterfly_Story.2Tennessee. They all flew above her trying to figure out how to help this little sad girl make life more fun and enjoyable.

Alanabbi was the best at coming up with plans on how to accomplish goals even without his Butterfly Migration Cycle (BMC) magazine.

Justinabbi could figure things out through trial and error, but Alanabbi can just assess a situation and come up with a successful plan that works the first time without error.

"I think Bisdyabbi should go down there and talk to the little girl. Maybe she could introduce the rest of us during her conversation and we can do some type of grand entrance. Maybe do some rolls, flutters, and hovers." Told ya Alanabbi was good at making plans on the fly.

Bisdyabbi was filled with excitement to get to start a conversation with someone new. She flew down to the little girl. She circled the girl once and noticed that she had the girls attention. Then she flew around one more time and landed right above her hand on the left rope of the swing.

The little girl looked up at her. "Wow, you are a very pretty butterfly." The little girl was already smiling. 

"Why thank you," said Bisdyabbi. She started to slowly fan her wings. "I am a rainbow butterfly. My name is Bisdyabbi. It's pronounced Bis-dee-ab-bee."

"Did you just talk to me," the little girl asked in shock. "Did I just hear you answer me? For real? Maybe I am crazy too, on top of it all. 

"No, you are not crazy. I am a magical rainbow butterfly. Rainbow butterflies make life more fun and enjoyable. My brothers and I are traveling along the butterfly migration cycle and heard you were very sad about something. So, we came over here to try to cheer you up."

"There's more of you? And you all talk?" The little girl was starting to smile a little bit more.

First, Alanabbi glided in and did a somersault in front of the girl. Next, Asdabbi swooped in and did a hover drop, and at the same time Justinabbi flew circles around Asdabbi.

Bisdyabbi introduced each of them during their grand entrance. 

"Nice to meet all of you magical rainbow butterflies. My name is Amber." The little girl was starting to looked a bit more excited than sad already.

Amber continued, "Today I found out that next year my big brother, Ryan, is going away to go to school. My mom says I should be happy he was accepted into such a great school, and I want to be, but I don't want him to leave. He's my best friend and my brother."

"He takes me fishing. He takes me to the water park. He helps me with my homework. Like, anytime I need to do something, he helps me figure it out."

"My brothers are like that too," Bisdyabbi carried on the conversation. "When I can't figure something out, one of them always comes up with an idea. How old are you, Amber?"

Asdabbi landed on the rope above Bisdyabbi and both Justinabbi and Alanabbi landed above Amber's right hand as she answered Bisdyabbi's question. "I am twelve, but almost thirteen."

Asdabbi joined in on the conversation, "You are almost thirteen? I bet you have had many great times in that long of a lifetime. Why don't you tell us about the greatest day you can remember."

"Oh, that's easy. The best day I can remember was at the fair this year. I am finally tall enough to ride the big rides!" she was so excited. "A lot happens when you are eleven. It seems like I won't stop getting taller. Anyway, my best day ever was at the spring fair this year."

"What are the big rides at a spring fair," Justinabbi asked? 

"So, there are little kid rides and big kid rides. Rides are machines that you ride in. The little kid rides are fun when you are little, but they become boring after awhile."

"To ride a big kids ride, you have to be the right height. You stand next to a sign with a line painted on it and if you are not as least as tall as the line then you have to ride the little kid rides."

"I would like to see a ride. They must be fun." Justinabbi had hovered from the rope while he tried to imagine what a ride was. At the same moment his rainbow butterfly backpack became much heavier, so he landed back on the rope and opened his backpack.

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