Rainbow Butterfly Fortuda's Magic Show

Greg Mack

The rainbow butterfly, Fortuda, took her place in the moonlight backdrop. The Swallowtail drummers raised the vibration of the mood to let everyone know the next act of the Blue Rainbow-Butterfly-Fortuda
Flower Moon Celebration was about to begin.

The audience grew quiet as Fortuda began to introduce herself. "My name is Fortuda the Magical Rainbow Butterfly. My trusty rainbow butterfly backpack and I can do things that will amaze you and even some things that might scare you a little. OK, I am joking. There will be nothing too scary, I promise." 

She smiled at the audience and the audience replied back with claps and laughter. She reached into her backpack and pulled out what looked like little card you would write notes on.

"OK, what I have here, folks, is five blank cards. And in this other hand, I have a magic ink pen. Really, it is just a normal ink pen, but in the end it works just like magic."

"What I need is five butterflies from the audience to volunteer to come up here and participate in this trick. I need one Monarch Butterfly, a Painted Lady, a Purple Emperor, one Green Hairstreak, and... let's see... a Grizzled Skipper."

One of each of these butterflies was chosen from the audience and they made their way up to magican. She began by asking them their names.

She looked at the Monarch, "Hi, I am Fortuda. What's your name?"

The Monarch looked at her smiling and said, "my name is Chuckteggle.

She asked the Painted Lady the same thing.

"First off I am a Painted Lady, but I am not a lady. My name is Daveeder and this is the most exciting thing ever!!"

The Purple Emperor was named Tobinate. The Green Hairstreak was a girl named Samitree and the Grizzled Skipper was simply named Bob.

"Alright it is nice to meet all of you," Fortuda began, "Let me tell you about this trick once more. I have five blank cards. One for each of you. Over hear is a table and on that table is an ink pen."

"What I want you to do, Chuckteggle, is to walk over to the table." Chuckteggle started to walk towards the table.

"Not yet, Cheuckteggle, let me finish. The monarch blushed and smiled as he walked back to the group.

"OK, so you walk over to the table... not yet... but you will after I am done..." The audience laughed as Fortuda began to juggle these words. "And then you use the pen to write your name on the card. Then fold up that card anyway you want to, hold it in the middle of your hand,  and put that hand in one of your front pockets."

"Then leave the stage with your hand in your pocket and go back to your place in the audience and wait for my instructions. Not once should you take your closed hand out of your pocket.

Each one of you will take turns doing the same thing. Your cue to walk up to the table is when the butterfly in front you walks off the stage."

"Got it? Sounds simple enough, right?" Fortuda looked for comprehension on each of the other butterfly's faces. They all shook their heads in agreement and Chuckteggle began walking up to the table.

"Now, while they do this simple task I am going to tell you what is going to happen. They need to protect that card in their pocket. That card contains their name and is folded in their own special way. That is each of theirs personal card."

"Once they make it back to their place in the audience I am going to give them a cue to take out their personal cards. They are to not take them out until I tell them to do so."

The last butterfly had wrote his name on his card, Bob, had folded it up into small little paper knot and was now walking off stage with his closed hand in his front pocket. 

She waited for them to all take their places in the audience and then said, "OK, are you ready?" The entire audience blurted out "Yes!!"

"OK, take your hands out of your pockets. Hold your closed hand out in front of you with your palms up. Don't open you hand just yet. Just hold it out in front of you. Think about what you wrote on the card."

"OK, now slowly open your hand. See your little personally folded card sitting in the middle of your hand?" The entire audience was watching the butterfly participant closes to their section. They could all see the folded card in at least one, of the five butterfly's hands.

"So, on these cards is your name, written in your penmanship, and folded to your liking, correct? Your are sure of this right? I mean, your hand has been closed around it and shoved in your pocket since you wrote and folded it, right?"

"So, knowing this it will be easy for you five to agree that we can all call you the name on that card folded up in your pocket, right?" The five participants shook their heads in agreement and one of them said, "Of course, that's my name."

"OK, don't unfold it yet," Fortuda went on. "This next part requires all of the audiences' participation. If you can see any of the cards, make sure you read them as each of them open them. Then chant out, "Hello, 'whatever name is on the card', it is nice to meet you."

"OK, open up your folded cards." Each of the five unfolded their cards, looked at them and saw their own penmanship, but was surprised to find that it wasn't his or her name on the card. It was one of the other butterfly's names.

"Nice to meet you, Daveeder," said the audience to the Monarch. "Nice to meet you, Bob, said the audience to the Green Hairstreak. "Nice to meet you, Tobinate," they said to the Grizzled Skipper. Nice to meet you, Chuckteggle, they said to the Purple Emperor. 

The Painted Lady didn't look very happy when the audience said, "Nice to meet you, Samitee." 

"OK, Samitee, don't get so mad. It's only a joke. It's a pretty good trick. I told you all before we started that the ordinary ink pen was magic. Samitee, if you come back up here and write your name on another card then we will switch everyone's names back. Come on up here."

The Painted Lady, who wasn't happy with a girls name, made his way up to the table on the stage. He picked up the pen and wrote his name one letter at a time. He finished his name and looked down at the card and saw the name 'Samitee' written on the card.

"OK, let's see what name you wrote on the card." Fortuda starting walking over to the table. The Painted Lady quickly scooped up the card and wadded it up. 

"Now, why did you go and do that for," asked Fortuda. "I just want to see what you wrote."

"No," replied the Painted Lady, "I don't want to show it to you. Something fishy happened. I mean I wrote my name letter by letter but..."

"Oh, come on. Let me see the card. Let us all see what name you want to be called." She reached out for the card.

He jerked the card back tighter into the protection of his torso. "It...It lies! What this card says is not what I wrote. I do not want to be called this. I want to be called by my real name." He seemed a little scared by what was written on the card.

"Ok, so whatever is on that card is not your real name and you want us to call you the other name? Am I understanding you correctly," Fortuda asked?

"Yes, this card is lying," said the Painted Lady.

"So, if it says Samitee then it is lying and your real name is Daveeder. But, if it says Daveeder then it is lying and your real name is Samitee. Am I understanding you right?

The Painted Lady looked at Fortuda and said, "yes, that is correct. This card is lying. He open the card and showed everyone what was written on the inside without looking at it.

"See everyone, I wrote my name letter by letter, but instead it printed the other name which is not my name. I don't want others to confuse my gender when we meet just because I am a Painted Lady Butterfly."

Everyone started laughing and the Painted Lady joined in with the laughter. "See, this is a pretty good trick. I don't know how it works, but..," the Painted Lady started to turn the card around where he could read it, "my name is not," he read form the card, "Daveeder...What? Wait!!" He turned a little red but with humor.

"That's not what it said earlier... what a crazy trick..." the Painted Lady was chuckling softly and shaking his head. Everyone clapped and the Painted Lady couldn't stop himself as he bowed to the audience while holding one hand with Fortuda.

"Let's give all of the volunteers a big round of applause and thank Daveeder for his awesome sense of humor throughout the entire trick.

"That was a lot of fun... not sure how you did it,,, My eyes must have been playing tricks on me..." mumbled Daveeder.

"Warned you that part of the show might be a little scary, but you took it like a good sport, Daveeder." She turned to the audience, "Thank you everyone for enjoying the show and stick around for the next act. I will see you next time."

She flew off out of sight stage top left as the drums began to charge up the crowd. Some of the audience broke in to dance while others visited the concession stands and bathrooms during the drum break. Fortuda joined the rainbow butterfly siblings back at the butterfly bush.

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