Rainbow Butterfly Hair Coloring Combs

Greg Mack

Each rainbow butterfly had just made a grand entrance in hopes of making their new friend, Amber's, life more fun and enjoyable. Amber was a very sad little girl Asdabbi_Rainbow_Butterfly_Timesfrom the edge of Kentucky, but now she was starting to smile while telling a story about the best day of her life.

She told the four rainbow butterflies about going to the spring fair and how great it was to be tall enough to ride the big kid rides and not forced to ride the boring little kid rides. She even did better at winning prizes at the carnival games. Being eleven made everything easier to do.

Justinabbi was trying to imagine what a ride was like when his rainbow butterfly backpack became heavier forcing him to land back on the right hand rope of the swing hanging in the tree in Amber's front yard.

He reached into his backpack and pulled out the thickest book any of the four rainbow butterfly siblings had ever seen. It had a marked page.

Justinabbi opened the giant book to the marked page and read out loud, "A ride is a mechanical device that humans sit or stand in that normally spins them in a circle. Little kid rides turn much slower in a circle than big kid rides do. There's pictures of merry-go-rounds, tea cup rides, one that looks like an octopus, and one called a roller coaster."

"They do look like fun." Alanabbi was looking over Justinabbi's shoulder. "Even the little kid rides look fun to me."

"You mentioned that since you are older, things that use to be too hard to do or you were too small to do are no longer a hurdle. You can now do those things with ease, right? Alanabbi asked Amber.

"Ya, I was able to do everything at the fair better than I could at ten, nine, and especially eight. When I was eight I could hardly do anything. I wasn't even good at fishing." 

"You said your brother is going to leave for school next year, so maybe by the time you are almost fourteen you will find some friends to show how to fish or go to the fair with. Maybe you can teach your friends how to do all of the great things your brother taught you." Bisdyabbi was smiling while saying this with her proboscis sticking out.

Butterflies smile with their proboscis sticking out. That's how you tell if one is really happy. If you missed the beginning of this story then click on this link to the first chapter. You learn about how butterflies smile in the second chapter.

"I do have a lot of friends, but we don't do much together. Maybe I can start to do more things on my own and with my friends as I get another year older." Amber was starting to look hopeful towards the future.

The rainbow butterflies could feel the change in her mood. 

"What's one fun thing you would like to do, Amber," Asdabbi asked? "We are magical rainbow butterflies. Maybe we can help with one wish if you are confident enough that you can learn to be more independent and strong for when your brother leaves for school. After all, he is always going to come back to visit."

"You are right that my brother will visit. He has already promised that. What would I like? I want to color my hair in a rainbow like your rainbow butterfly wings." No one is going to believe I met talking rainbow butterflies. Can you guys color my hair like a rainbow so my story will be even more amazing when I go inside?"

"If you are sure in yourself when I reach into my backpack, then I will be able to find the perfect thing to make your hair temporarily colored like a rainbow. We can't make it permanently colored, but it can be colored until you wash it out of your hair." Alanabbi was using his serious narrator voice.

He reached into his backpack and when his hand came back out it was holding aRainbow_Hair_Color_Combs little purple box. "It's says it is Temporary Rainbow Hair Coloring Combs. It says you can just brush in as much color as you want. This girl is making stripes with the mini combs."

"Do you mind if all four of us color your hair at the same time? There are six colors that we can use and blend. This will be so much fun." Bisdyabbi already had all six colors in her butterfly hands. Each of them found all six colors in their rainbow butterfly backpacks.

"It looks like you guys are already ready. Let's do this!!" Amber was definitely having a great time and the butterflies were making life more fun and enjoyable as they flew around her head in a swirl of color.

In no time at all they had colored hair just like their rainbow butterfly wings. It really had been fun to color her hair with the mini combs. They gave her a box of her own mini rainbow hair color combs to take home with her.

"Thank you so much, magical rainbow butterflies. I cannot wait to show my family my rainbow hair color. You guys made me feel so much better. Thank for stopping during your butterfly migration cycle to make my life more fun and enjoyable."

The butterflies said good-bye and flew up into the tree to rest for the night. They would cross the State line in the morning.

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