Rainbow Butterfly Headed to Tennessee

Greg Mack

The rainbow butterflies had each of his and her bottles of cotton candy nectar packed in their rainbow butterfly backpacks. They made the nectar by mixing the nectars of all four of the flowers in the bluegrass fields of Kentucky. Rainbow_Butterfly_Wings

They were in flight to the Adrinna Woods Butterfly Sanctuary in Tennessee. Bisdyabbi was getting more and more excited as she read about the sanctuary in the next State. 

She was in the lead of this flight. She flew while skimming through the information contained in the Butterfly Migration Cycle (BMC) magazine about the butterfly sanctuary. 

"It says in here that you will find many different types of butterfly bushes and flowers native to Tennessee in the next scenic spot. There are Purple Coneflowers, Bee Balms, Butterfly Weeds, Mist Flowers, Scarlet Bee Balms, and this is just naming a few."

"I love butterfly weeds. They had some of those in the first butterfly sanctuary. I cannot wait to try Purple Coneflower. That sounds very tasty." Justinabbi was very anxious about trying out all the different nectars he could while on the butterfly migration cycle.

"Wait!!", Bisdyabbi yelled and came to a fast halt. Everyone else rushed up to meet her. "What's going on, Bisdyabbi?" Justinabbi was the first to arrive on the scene. 

"Everything ok," asked Alanabbi? 

"What's going on, Bisdyabbi," asked Asdabbi. He was the last to show up. "I thought I heard something sad. Something that was asking for help."

"That's exactly what I heard too." Bisdyabbi was saying this while putting her BCM back into her rainbow butterfly backpack. "I heard the sounds of sorrow coming from right over there. Let's go see what we can do to make life more fun and enjoyable for that sad creature."

It's not that Bisdyabbi had better hearing than the rest of the rainbow butterfly siblings. She had the greatest empathy toward creatures that were sad. Her empathy was so strong that she could feel sadness and then easily pinpoint the source of that sadness.

She couldn't tell what kind of creature it was, but she could sense if the creature was of good heart and this creature was. She couldn't wait to find out what kind of creature she was going to get to talk to. This would be the first time she has talked to anyone other than a rainbow butterfly.

They flew down a hill and then up a hill. At the top of the hill they found a clearing. All of them could hear the sadness coming from the clearing.

On the clearing was a little house and a barn. There was a big tree in the front yard with a swing wrapped around one of its' sturdy limbs perfectly placed to support a fun swing. 

Only this time, there was no fun happening in that great swing. There was a little long haired girl rocking back and forth in the swing. Doing her best to hold back some tears that were so great that they still filled her eyes with salty tears that slowly spilled over and ran down the ridges of her nose.

All four of the rainbow butterfly siblings instantly knew they had to do something to make this girl's life more fun and enjoyable. After all, it's what rainbow butterflies do.

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