Rainbow Butterfly in the Bluegrass of Kentucky

Greg Mack

Asdabbi, the rainbow butterfly, and his sister and brothers had so much fun making life more fun and enjoyable while sunning on theRainbow_Butterfly_Bluegrass rock that they let time get away from them.

This was not a problem because these rainbow butterflies were so pumped up about mixing the nectars of the four flowers in the fields of Kentucky Bluegrass.

Each one of them was so excited that they didn't say a word to each other as they raced to the next scenic spot.

During the break on the rock, they learned that it took all of their knowledge combined in order to know how to mix the nectars. For some reason, the information in each of their copies of the Butterfly Migration Cycle (BMC) magazine was different, but the different information complimented each other. 

This gave each one a chance to teach each other, since everyone each just had a piece of the information needed.  

"I can see it!! It almost looks like a lake moving with the wind." Justinabbi broke the silence. But, no one heard him through the wind in his or her ears because they were traveling so fast.

Justinabbi can fly faster than everyone else, this is why he saw the bluegrass fields of Kentucky first. Everyone slowed down to meet him once they seen he was stopped.

"WOW!! Look at it," said Bisdyabbi. Her chinned dropped at the sight of the bluegrass. 

"Ya, it looks like it is moving," Justinabbi was flying around in small circles and hovering like a hummingbird.

"We made it!" Asdabbi was just as excited as everyone else. "We need to find a place to land where we can get out our BMC's and find out what to do next."

"I'm ready!!" Everyone shouted at the same time and dove toward a stump on the edge of field. They all landed on the stump like little rainbow butterfly pros and pulled out their magazines from their rainbow butterfly backpacks.

"This looks like it is going to be easy," said Asdabbi. "Each of the four flowers is all mixed up in the field. We will not need to travel far to get the nectar from each one."

"It says in my copy that all we need to do is to collect the nectar from each of the four flowers in equal parts. One of us will collect the nectar while the other three of us will tip the flower until the nectar pours out," Alanabbi was explaining the collecting process.

Bisdyabbi joined in the conversation while skimming through her BCM magazine. "It says we are to make cups from a leaf from one of the red flowers. We will need four leaves. It says that the leaves are not easy to pull off of the stem, so it will take three rainbow butterflies to accomplish the task."

Justinabbi is the strongest and the fasted of the four rainbows, so he thought he would just try it himself. He flew over to the closest red flower. He grabbed the leaf and with all of his strength, he flew off away from the stem of the flower.

The stem bent slightly and the next thing you know, Justinabbi was being flung in the opposite direction as the stem bounced back and started rocking on its' roots.

Justinabbi flew past everyone else backwards and with his wings wrapped around him. He slowed down enough to steady himself and flew back over to the group.

"Well, ...the stem bends like a slingshot." Justinabbi was talking while trying to catch his breath.

"Are you ok," asked Asdabbi? "I really thought you had it until I saw that plant fling you the other direction."

"Ya, your not hurt are you?" You could hear it in Bisdyabbi's voice that she was truly concerned.

"Of course he is good," chuckled Alanabbi. "I have seen him take on a lot worse and many things a lot more painful than what that flower just did. He didn't crash into the ground this time." He was sticking his proboscis out at the group, so it was easy to see his smile.

"I am good," responded Justinabbi. "That was a lot harder than I expected. What I think we should do is find a way to cut the leave off of the stem. We can each nibble on the stem until we cut it off. I will start on the right, Asdabbi from the bottom and Alanabbi you should start from the left."

"That sounds like a great plan," said Alanabbi. "what made you think of it?"

"Well," said Justinabbi, "That flower made me very hungry." He chuckled as he finished the sentence.

"You're always hungry, Justinabbi," chuckled Bisdyabbi. "Bring me some leaves to fold into cups."

It wasn't too long before the boys had nibbled off four leaves from four different red flowers. They brought them over to their sister and she began to fold them according to the directions in her BCM.

They flew over to one of the red flowers. The boys flew up above the flower and tipped it toward Bisdyabbi. She was waiting below with the first cup. 

She could see the nectar start to fall and she aimed the cup under the spill. The drop fell into her cup and the weight and surprise almost drove her to the ground.

She found her bearings and flew the cup over to the stump. After setting the cup down, she picked up one of the empty cups and flew over to a blue flower to meet her brothers.

They tipped the blue flower and once again she could see the nectar start to spill. This time when she caught the drop in the cup she was ready and didn't lose her hover. This time it went much faster than the last.

They collected the nectar from all four of the flowers and met back at the stump to start the mixing. They were starting to get more and more excited about getting to try the cotton candy flavored mixture.

"What's the next step, Asdabbi asked Bisdyabbi. "I am sure all of us rainbow butterflies are ready to take a slurp and make life more fun and enjoyable."

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