Rainbow Butterfly in the Shearless Prairie

Greg Mack

The shearless prairie was covered in a rainbow of butterflies just like the pictures in the Butterfly Migration Magazine (the BMC).There are so many different colored butterflies that it was had to spot just the rainbow butterflies.Rainbow_Butterfly_Flight

Asdabbi reached into his rainbow butterfly backpack and pulled out a colorful sign that read, "Rainbow Butterfly Meetup." It wasn't long until Asdabbi started to notice all of the rainbow butterfly backpacks on the backs of butterflies headed his way.

The first one to show up was a lady rainbow butterfly named "Fortuda." She started her journey further up north than Asdabbi did. She talked about how chilly the mornings had been when she first woke up and how it caused her to travel south looking for a warmer climate.

The second rainbow he met was a boy rainbow butterfly named "Benjamade." His name was so much fun to say and he was able to light up any party with his humor. He was a local to the prairie and had spent most of his time there without starting the migration cycle. "Why leave all of this," He kept saying.

Asdabbi found three of his rainbow butterfly siblings that had made it through the bird beak massacrer. They too had been too horrified move and help anyone else. The horrors of that day felt like they happen yesterday and it was great to see that some of them had escaped with his or her life. 

Between trying out all of the different delicacies, learning about each other, catching up between the different groups of siblings, and meeting the other ninety-plus rainbow butterflies the day was packed full of excitement and things to do.

Asdabbi didn't realize how many different types of butterflies there were before stopping in the butterfly sanctuary, but from what he had learned, only the rainbow butterfly could do magic and talk to any other creature found on Earth. 

It had been so surprising for Asdabbi to learn he could talk to other animals like humans. The first time he talked to a human was when he met the little girl named “Sam.” 

After that adventure, he check the “Becoming a Magical Rainbow Butterfly... for beginners” handbook to see if it listed other languages that rainbow butterflies know. Come to find out they know all of them. 

The other rainbow butterflies he met today had many of his or her own adventures and experiences with using the handbook. 

One of the local rainbow butterflies, Benjamade, made a friend with one of the local puppies that had ran into the shearless prairie for protection behind the rows of thistles. 

There were some bigger dogs chasing after him and he was out of breath and tired. Benjamade said he had seen the pup in the sanctuary before sniffing around the milk thistle and had poked himself in the nose. He ran away yelping but now it looked like he had found another use for the thistle... protection.

The pup said to the wind, “I wonder if I lost them.” 

Benjamade heard him and responded with a quick, “I think the coast is clear.”

”Who said that,” asked the pup?

”I guess you heard me, Benjamade the Rainbow Butterfly,” he responded back.

The pup looked up and found the source of the small voice. It was coming from a butterfly on top of a large rock.

“Was that you that answered me,” asked the pup? “My name is Rex and I am a Rottweiler puppy. One day I will be bigger than those old dogs."

"NIce to meet you, Rex," Benjamade responded. Rex didn't seem to notice anything weird about a talking butterfly, so Benjamade didn't realize that knowing all languages was a special gift given to rainbow butterflies.

"I have seen you here before, haven't I, Rex?"

"You sure have. This is one of my favorite places because of all of the sweet smells. Let me tell you, some of these sweet smells will bite you if you get to close. I was bit on the nose a couple of days ago and it hurt...a lot. That's why I hid behind the biting plants this time. I hoped they might save me from the big dogs. It seems like it worked."

"Well Benjamade, I better get home before it gets dark. It was nice to meet you and I am glad we had this little friendly talk. To bad your other friends are not as talkful. They look like they have so much fun flying around from flower to flower. You sure did make my life more fun and enjoyable. Well, wy more enjoyable than the big dogs have over the past few days."

"It was a pleasure to meet you too, Rex. Maybe I will see you around again," Benjamade started to flap his wings for lift off and flew off towards a big bright yellow flower in the distance.

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