Rainbow Butterfly in the Tennessee Butterfly Garden

Greg Mack

The rainbow butterflies rode the wind from the edge of Kentucky to the middle of Tennessee. Rainbow-butterfly-Tennessee The breeze that carried them brought them to the butterfly garden quicker than the Butterfly Migration Cycle (BMC) magazine had predicted. It was still daylight.

"Wow", gasped Bisdyabbi. "I cannot believe how pretty all the flowers are and just look at all of the butterflies."

"The pictures in the BMC do not do this place justice. There must be over a hundred of native flowers here." Asdabbi was taken in by everything he could see. "Look at how many Monarch Butterflies there are. They are everywhere."

The rainbow butterflies swooped down and flew gently through the butterfly garden. It seemed like each of them saw the same surprising thing at the same time. They all flew over to investigate.

"Looky there," said Alanabbi. "Those are rainbow butterfly caterpillars."

"Awww... Look how cute they are. Remember being that little," Bisdyabbi asked the group.

Justinabbi joined in the rainbow butterfly conversation, "When I look back on that time, all I can remember is hiding with Alanabbi from the bird attack. These little caterpillars don't seem to have anything to worry about."

"There is nothing to worry about, here at the butterfly garden. This is a peaceful place." Each of the rainbow butterflies turned around to see who the stranger was that was saying these words.

When they turned around they were greeted by the loving face of a another rainbow butterfly. "All of the babies have plenty to eat and they are safe from predators, so it is certain they will be safe in their cocoon until the wake up as beautiful rainbow butterflies.

"What are your names," asked the new butterfly.

Bisdyabbi introduced everyone. "What's your name," she asked?

"This is just amazing!! My name is Dandyabbi. We must me be related since our names end in "abbi." Where are you from?" Dandyabbi was smiling with her proboscis sticking out.

The rainbow butterfly siblings told her about growing up in Arkansas, escaping the bird attack, being separated until meeting in the butterfly sanctuary, and their adventures leading them to the butterfly garden in Tennessee. 

"It seems like you four have had quit the adventure already and you still have so much more of the migration cycle to go. Unless of course, you decide to stay here where it is safe." Dandyabbi gestured for them to follow her.

"Come, there are a few more butterflies I would like to introduce you to. We have a close family here made up of all types of butterflies. You will be instantly welcomed into the family, come."

The rainbow butterflies followed her to the biggest butterfly bush they had ever seen. It was covered in butterflies sunning, talking, and relaxing with their wings slowly fanning.

Dandyabbi began to introduce them to everyone, "These young butterflies are my cousins from Arkansas. My aunt and uncle went there earlier this year. This must be some of their offspring."

There were so many butterflies to meet and way too many names to remember. They finally came to a rest on the butterfly bush with the rest of the group.

Everyone wanted to hear about their adventures and shared their own. The all seemed so happy and it seemed the Monarchs were the only ones with plans to keep flying the migration cycle.

Ramberant was a giant Monarch butterfly. He was on his way back to Mexico and told the young butterflies all about flying the migration cycle. His stories made the rainbow butterfly siblings eager to finish the migration cycle, but they did like the security offered by the butterfly garden.

"I might just stay here," said Alanabbi. There is so much to learn from the other butterflies and look... there is so much nectar to slurp."

"I love the chance to slurp all of these nectars and there is no way I can try all of them in one day." Justinabbi was licking his lips. "I am so hungry after that flight. I could stay here for days. But, I am very curious about seeing trees covered in Monarch butterflies in Mexico. That sound beautiful."

"Then it is settled, right Bisdyabbi," Asdabbi declared. "We will stay here for a couple of days, enjoy all of the nectars, and then decide if we want to finish the migration cycle."

"This place is great. It definitely makes life more fun and enjoyable. "Last one to slurp a red flower is a rotten egg," Bisdyabbi took off with her brothers close behind her.  

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