Rainbow Butterfly Lost in Flavor

Greg Mack

The rainbow butterfly siblings made it to the butterfly garden in Tennessee. There they met a cousin of theirs named Dandyabbi. She introduced them to many Rainbow-Butterfly-Lost-in-Flavorother butterflies that live in the garden.

"You guys showed up just at the right time. Tonight we will all get to see the Blue Flower Moon. The rainbow butterflies throw a big party every full moon. But, this show is special. It is going to be an even bigger event because of the Blue Flower Moon."

"All the rainbow butterflies have been practicing their performances for many weeks now. Last night we gave them a taste of the show during the almost full moon you must have flew under last night."

It was easy to tell that Dandyabbi was excited to tell the other four about the planned events that was going to happen that night.

"We have a special treat for everyone tonight. I want to share it with you, but I can't because it will ruin the surprise. I can tell you this, we found a new magic in our rainbow butterfly backpacks that is going to look brilliant with the Blue Flower Moon in the background. I know you are going to love it!"

"I know I am excited and I am sure all of are. I cannot wait to see the show tonight. I wish it was night already," Bisdyabbi said.

"I'm not ready for it to be night yet," announced Justinabbi. "I still see plenty of flowers with nectar just waiting to be slurped. I am excited about the rainbow butterfly show, but right now I can't wait to start trying all of the nectars here in the butterfly garden."

"Typical Justinabbi," chuckled Alanabbi. "He is always hungry. As a caterpillar, we couldn't even share a leaf because he would eat most of it. This left me in some very scary situations since he would eat my bridge back across to the stem or branch."

"Hey, I was a lot younger back then and didn't realize what I was doing." Justinabbi was defending himself. Asdabbi and Bisdyabbi laughed and chuckled along with everyone else.

"Thank you Dandyabbi for telling us about the plans for tonight," said Asdabbi. Her looked at the other three and said," Now, let's go see how many of the 100+ flowers we can try before the sun goes down." 

The rainbow butterflies split up and flew off toward the flower they wanted to try first. The garden was made of many different flower beds. Each flower bed contained well maintained arrangements of a few of each of the different flowers.

There was so many butterflies flying in all different directions. It was easy to get lost in the crowd, but it was even easier to find the butterfly bush Dandyabbi took them to when they first arrived. It was the biggest butterfly bush in the entire garden and stood the tallest.

As it started to get dark, each of the rainbow butterfly siblings made his or her way back to butterfly bush to meet up with everyone.

"How many nectars did you get to try, Alanabbi," Asdabbi inquired. "I tried fifteen different ones. I am having a hard time picking my favorite."

Alanabbi responded, "I tried the same amount as you, Asdabbi. I really like the blue flowers with the white tipped petals. The nectar was sweet, cool, and refreshing."

"I tried twenty-five of the different flowers. The orange ones with the long cones tasted the best to me. It was fun walking down into cones. The light inside the cone was a bright orange color and it made the inside of the cones glow in the daylight."

Bisdyabbi was flying in small circles with the look of being lost in memory. She turned her eyes up like she was trying to see inside her mind and memory. She had the biggest smile on her face. A smile of pleasure and enjoyment.

"I only tried six of the flowers," announced Justinabbi. Everyone stopped what they were doing and changed their facial expressions to shock and said, "What???" Their reaction was fast but the word declaring disbelief slowly came out of their mouths.

"I only tried six," Justinabbi continued. "The first garden I went to had four different types of flowers. They were so good that I guess I spent a lot of time there trying and retrying each of the flowers trying to choose my favorite. By the time I made it to the next garden, it was already starting to get dark. I had time to try two of the flowers from that garden before I noticed everyone was heading back."

"OK," Alanabbi smiled and said. "I guess that makes sense. Only you could so easily get lost in flavor. You have a way to easily make life more fun and enjoyable."

Dandyabbi flew over to the group. "We are all getting ready to start the show. Find a comfortable place to relax where you can see that tree right over there." Dandyabbi pointed to a tree a few yards from the butterfly bush. "I have to go meet everyone else. Maybe next time you rainbow butterflies could have a performance ready and show off your own talents. That would make life even more fun and enjoyable."

Everyone wished her good luck and they found a very comfortable spot on the bush where they believed would give them the best view for the night. The rainbow butterfly fun was about to begin.

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