Rainbow Butterfly on a Night Flight

Greg Mack

The rainbow butterflies had never seen a moon so full and a night as bright as the one they Rainbow-Butterfly-Night-Flight were witnessing tonight. Alanabbi and Justinabbi were teaching the other two how to ride the wind, a technique of flying that was mentioned in the Butterfly Migration Cycle (BMC) magazine.

They had come up with a plan to ride the breeze to the butterfly sanctuary located in the middle of Tennessee called the Adrianna Woods Butterfly Garden. It was the next stop on the butterfly migration cycle.

"Ok guys, let me and Justinabbi pick one of you up and show you how to enter the wind current. This is a tricky part that is easy once you know how." Alanabbi grabbed Asdabbi with four of his arms and Justinabbi picked up Bisdyabbi the same way.

They flew up to the current and slowly merged up to the speed of the wind. "You glide out the same way you flew in, real gradual and slow, like this." Then Alanabbi aimed slightly down and slowly flew back out of the breeze.

They all hovered back under the wind current. "Think you can do that." asked Justinabbi. "It gets even easier once you are in the current with your wings expanded."

"I have never flown that high before," said Bisdyabbi. "And I have never seen so many bright lights in the sky. It was so compelling and I wanted to travel higher towards those little lights."

Justinabbi agreed, "I have never flown at night and have never seen the night sky from up above the clouds. It was very inviting, big, and scary all at the same time."

"Right now, let's focus on learning how to ride the wind," interrupted Alanabbi. "Remember we are on our way to the butterfly gardens." 

"Your right," said Bisdyabbi, "but we will have to see how high we can fly in the night sky sometime soon."

"That sounds exciting to me," cheered Justinabbi.

"I want to too," joined Asdabbi, "But first, let's ride this breeze."

All four of the rainbow butterflies merged into the wind current. “Now, just open your wings and float with the current,” said Alanabbi.

The wind current was only a gentle breeze and soon Asdabbi and Bisdyabbi was having a great time in the night sky.

”This really is the best way to fly. All you need to do is hold your wings out straight and tilt left or right if you want to turn. This is so much fun!” Asdabbi and Bisdyabbi took turns doing barrel rolls around one another.

”Told you guys it was nothing to be scared of. This is the only way to fly great distances.” Justinabbi was traveling like a dart through the night sky.

The rainbow butterflies rode the wind while and had a great time that made life more fun and enjoyable. Eventually, they started to see the sun coming up over the horizon. 

The full moon that night was bright enough to make night flying not seem as scary as before, but the sun light was starting to show off how beautiful the green landscape of Tennessee truly is.

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