Rainbow Butterfly Performance Begins

Greg Mack

The Swallowtail butterflies brought the energy to the atmosphere. And through their hypnotic drumming, helped to put the audience in the right mood for tonight's occasion.Rainbow-butterfly-show

Tonight's rainbow butterfly performance was being enhanced by the Blue Flower Moon in the background. A rare full moon occurence.

First in the moonlight, one rainbow butterfly flew into the moon's backdrop. The butterfly was dancing to the drum beat while slowing floating up the backdrop. 

A second rainbow butterfly made its entrance from the lower left and another floated in from the lower right. They diagonally flew into line under the first one.

They were all dancing to the drums as they took turns arcing over one another. Suddenly the first one stopped and just hovered in the moonlight. Instantly, the other two took turns dancing in front of the hovering one.

It looked like a dating ritual or a dance off because each one took turns trying to do a better dance than the other butterfly. It was like they were trying to impress the one hovering in the middle and they were very clumsy at it. 

Each one would do a sloppy dance that made the audience laugh, but they still gave off the impression that they were trying their best to beat the other in the dance off and this gave the audience empathy for the dancers. The performers were doing a great job getting the audience's attention while entwining them in a clever story.

The entire story was following the lead from the bongo drums. Each cast member was dancing their heart out until suddenly the drums stopped...

The drums stopped and so did each of the dancers. They seemed suspended in mid-air. The butterfly in the middle just looked at the other two butterflies. It smiled with its proboscis sticking out, showing it was really happy.

Then the drums magically began flowing in the rhythm of the atmosphere seemingly right on time. Then the middle rainbow butterfly stretched its arms out like it was waking up, yawned.., and then broke out into a dance with so much skill that the other two rainbow butterflies had a jaw dropping experience along with the audience.

The other two butterflies slowly started to practice some moves and let the middle butterfly take the lead. They all danced differently together in a way that complimented each other and that led to a great exit, stage right, by the performers.

The entire audience began clapping and cheering. Many of the butterflies in the audience flew up in the air as they showed appreciation. 

The bongo drums slowed down to a momma's heart beat when she is cooing a baby. It was so relaxing. Just then another rainbow butterfly flew up and sat down by the rainbow butterfly siblings.

"Wasn't that the greatest show ever!! And to think, that was just the first act." A familiar voice struck the ears of the siblings.

"Fortuda!!" Each one of them cheered. They gave their friend from the Shearless Prairie a huge welcoming hug."

"I thought that was you guys I saw as I flew by. It is great to see you made it to the butterfly garden in time to see this show," Fortuda said while passing out the hugs.

"My act is starting next," she continued. "I had to fly straight here from the Shearless Prairie, but I have been practicing my solo act for a long time. I just love to do magic," she said with a smile growing on her face.

"I admit that my rainbow butterfly backpack does most of the work, but I have learned a few tricks of my own along the way. I hope you guys will enjoy it."

"I am sure you will do great," reassured Asdabbi.

"I know you are going to be great," said Bisdyabbi as the other two sibilings shook their heads in agreement.

"Thank you guys!! I better go get ready. See, with the drummers pick up the beat or add another thump to the rhythm, then it is time for the next act to get ready." Fortuda took off towards her spot in the full moon backdrop.

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