Rainbow Butterfly with Friends in Flight

Greg Mack

Asdabbi left the shearless prairie with his rainbow butterfly brothers and sister. They decided it would make life more fun and enjoyable to spend the next few days of the migration cycle together.

Each one of them had different stories about how life had been as a magicalRainbow_Butterfly_Justinabbi rainbow butterfly and now they hoped to have some adventures to share as a group of sibling rainbow butterflies.

Asdabbi reached into his rainbow butterfly backpack and retrieved his copy of the Butterfly Migration Cycle magazine. "According to the BMC, the next place of interest is a short flight away towards the east."

Bisdyabbi, his sister said, "My copy says the next place of interest is the Bluegrass of Kentucky. It says that the nectar of the field flowers taste like cotton candy when mixed together. We will have to try that." She was shaking with excitement. 

"How will we be able to mix them together to taste them? I can only slurp one flower at a time," said one of his brothers, Justinabbi.

His other brother, Alanabbi, responded, "Maybe we can work together to tip the flowers and collect the nectar in a cup and then mix them together."

"How did you figure that out," Asdabbi asked?

"It says that is how you do it in my copy of the BMC." He was pointing to a picture diagram in a blue sidebar in the magazine when he said this. He flew around showing everyone.

"Let's all stop on that rock in the sun, rest, and make up our plan on how to taste the cotton candy in the bluegrass fields of Kentucky," Asdabbi said as he flew down towards the rock. Everyone else followed him.

After they landed on the rock and found his or her warm and cozy place, each one reached into his or her rainbow butterfly backpack and pulled out a copy of the BMC magazine. 

"Where did you find the directions on how to mix the nectars we will find in the bluegrass of Kentucky?" Justinabbi asked Alanabbi while looking through the table of contents and flipping through some of the pages.

"It's right here on page 25. It's in the blue section in the sidebar." Alanabbi responded while pointing at the directions in his copy of the magazine.

"I don't have a sidebar section in mine for the bluegrass fields of Kentucky. I had a sidebar in the butterfly sanctuary about how to find your group of butterflies. That's where I learned about the sign and found it in my backpack." Asdabbi spoke in a confused manner almost trailing off each sentence.

"Mine has a sidebar, but all it mentions is how to use flower petals to make small cups. It isn't the same directions you have in your copy, Alanabbi, but it is still a direction that will help us gather the nectar," Bisdyabbi said while pointing at the sidebar on her page 25.

"I don't have any sidebars," Justinabbi looked a little sad. "It is strange that all of our copies of the BMC are different than each others. It takes all of them to make a whole, it seems. Good thing all of us are here together or none of us would get to try all of the nectars mixed together." As he spoke the last sentence, Justinabbi started smiling at everyone while slowly moving his wings up and down in the sun.

Every one of the rainbow butterflies came to a great agreement at that moment on the rock in the warm sun.

They all just danced in front of each other with their proboscises sticking out, which made all of them happy and it was making life more fun and enjoyable.

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