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Rainbow Butterfly and the Sad Girl from the Edge of Kentucky

Greg Mack

Bisdyabbi, the girl rainbow butterfly, found the little sad girl rocking in a tree swing right before they all made it to Tennessee. They all flew above her trying to figure out how to help this little sad girl make life more fun and enjoyable.

Alanabbi was the best at coming up with plans on how to accomplish goals even without his Butterfly Migration Cycle (BMC) magazine. Justinabbi could figure things out through trial and error, but Alanabbi can just assess a situation and come up with a successful plan that works the first time without error.

"I think Bisdyabbi should go down there and talk to the little girl." 

Rainbow Butterfly Headed to Tennessee

Greg Mack

"It says in here that rainbow butterflies will find many different types of butterfly bushes and flowers native to Tennessee in the next scenic spot. There are Purple Coneflowers, Bee Balms, Butterfly Weeds, Mist Flowers, Scarlet Bee Balms, and this is just naming a few."

"I love butterfly weeds. They had some of those in the first butterfly sanctuary. I cannot wait to try Purple Coneflower. That sounds very tasty." Justinabbi was very anxious about trying out all the different nectars he could while on the butterfly migration cycle.

"Wait!!", Bisdyabbi yelled and came to a fast halt.

Rainbow Butterfly and the Cotton Candy Nectar

Greg Mack

A rainbow butterfly has the power to make life more fun and enjoyable. You cannot help but smile when you see one. Imagine if you had the chance to talk to one.

The small group of rainbow butterflies had finally made it to the bluegrass fields of Kentucky, collected leaves to make cups, and collected the nectar from the four different flowers that grew in the field.

They were all on the stump sunning and waiting for Bisdyabbi, the girl rainbow butterfly, to tell them how to mix the nectars to make the magical cotton candy flavor.

Rainbow Butterfly in the Bluegrass of Kentucky

Greg Mack

Asdabbi, the rainbow butterfly, and his sister and brothers had so much fun making life more fun and enjoyable while sunning on the rock that they let time get away from them.

This was not a problem because these rainbow butterflies were so pumped up about mixing the nectars of the four flowers in the fields of Kentucky Bluegrass. Each one of them was so excited that they didn't say a word to each other as they raced to the next scenic spot.

Rainbow Butterfly with Friends in Flight

Greg Mack

Asdabbi left the shearless prairie with his rainbow butterfly brothers and sister. They decided it would make life more fun and enjoyable to spend the next few days of the migration cycle together.

Each one of them had different stories about how life had been as a magical rainbow butterfly and now they hoped to have some adventures to share as a group of rainbow butterflies.