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Rainbow Butterfly in the Shearless Prairie

Greg Mack

The shearless prairie was covered in a rainbow of butterflies just like the pictures in the Butterfly Migration Magazine (the BMC).There are so many different colored butterflies that it was had to spot just the rainbow butterflies. Asdabbi reached into his rainbow butterfly backpack and pulled out a colorful sign that read, "Rainbow Butterfly Meetup." It wasn't long until Asdabbi started to notice all of the rainbow butterfly backpacks on the backs of butterflies headed his way. The first one to show up was a lady rainbow butterfly named "Fortuda." She started her journey further up north than Asdabbi did. She talked...

A Rainbow Butterfly Story

Greg Mack

Today, Asdabbi, rainbow butterfly, found himself in a wonderful neighborhood. All of the houses had beautiful flower gardens filled with rainbows of great tasting flowers. The sun was warm and bright and the dew still on the flowers made it even easier for the rainbow butterfly to slurp the sweet nectar.

A Rainbow Butterfly Life

Greg Mack

If you see a rainbow butterfly with his or her proboscis curled up and looking at you, then they are not smiling. If you see one rolling and unrolling his or her proboscis real slowly, then they are not sure if you are a friend on enemy. We know that humans don't smile with their tongue sticking out, but it is more respectful to a rainbow butterfly if you do when you first meet.

Asdabbi Rainbow Butterfly

Greg Mack

Let me take you back to a time when I was a young rainbow butterfly caterpillar. The first time I can remember was during the spring. I had just met my brothers and sisters. All each of us talked about was food. We were learning what plants tasted the best, which was the driest, and which quench our thirst the best.